Rich’s Quick Story

In 2020, I quit alcohol after publicly winning and quietly struggling most of my adult life.

In 2021 as a celebration of one year free from the drank, I committed to getting back into track and field after 15+ years off. I also took a mental health leave from my day job and learned I’ve lived with complex PTSD most of my life. That led to me starting EMDR therapy and the emotional healing journey I didn’t know I needed.

In 2022, I won my first masters track and field national championship and began experiencing the best stretch of my career ever. Now I’m focused on helping others transform their lives so they can experience the freedom I’ve found.

I want to show you what’s possible when you commit to doing the work and living in alignment. I haven’t done this alone and know the importance of having the right people on your team.

That’s why I coach and that’s why I created the Find More Balance Network!


People come to FMB to…

Oftentimes, people come to me stuck in a loop. They keep ending up in the same spot despite their best efforts. I help clients break the cycle(s) holding them back from achieving their goals and finding more freedom.

Some clients want to lose some weight, cut back on the beverages, get back into a sport, and/or show up better when it counts. That requires establishing new habits and shedding old ones. I support clients through the process.

Some come to me after they’ve had an inflection point or event that forces them to finally consider their health and wellness. They’re overwhelmed with everything they need to do. I help sequence, devise a plan of attack, and provide guidance where needed.

Folks coming to me are often past athletes and very goal-oriented. Whether it’s getting a promotion or getting across the finish line, I provide the accountability and structure to help clients achieve big goals.