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We created this page so you can easily find the products, services, and companies we can confidently recommend. We use many of these resources or know the people behind them; and where we don’t, we’ve vetted to make sure they’re both legit and valuable.

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Change your relationship with alcohol

Monument can help you reduce or quit drinking.

If you think you need to cut back on drinking, check out the Monument. They’ve got a free anonymous community with subgroups for different challenges. Monument plans are personalized to members’ goals, lifestyles, and preferences. They include options for video therapy and physician-prescribed medication to help you quit or reduce drinking.

Remember, the longer you wait to get started, the longer it takes to end the cycle.

Fuel your workouts

1st Phorm creates high quality nutritional supplements to help you get results. They make the tastiest post-workout protein powder and sustained release protein bars I’ve ever had.

I’m also enjoying a couple of their other products. As always, you should consult with a professional before making significant changes to your diet or trying products that may interact with existing medications and supplements.

A Founder Favorite

Get a better performance rating or a new job

LinkedIn Learning can help you win at work.

linkedin learning
  • Access 16,000+ expert-led courses
  • Cancel anytime, and the first month is free
  • Earn a certificate when you complete a course
  • Receive course recommendations tailored to you
  • Use project files and quizzes to practice while you learn
  • View courses anytime on your computer or phone

Start your 1-month free trial. Cancel anytime.

Learn to Invest

Interested in learning how to trade in the stock market? Then we have the courses for you!

Previous podcast guest and friend of FMB, Jason Brown, has been “power trading” for years and wants to help you do the same.

Learn to succeed in the stock market through Power Trades University courses and memberships such as:

  • The Foundations of Stock Trading Course
  • The Options Explained Course
  • The Advanced Options Course
  • Advanced Master Classes