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Rich Jones (NASM-CWC), a Wellness Coach, national champion in masters track and field, and inspirational speaker. His mission is to help high achievers live healthier lives and break the cycles holding them back.

“Not only did I leave our session with an understanding about what I was about to do, but I felt empowered and unafraid to go do it. Yes, I would certainly hire Rich again.”
Barbara Kaplan
CEO of BSK Strategies
“The two most pivotal people in helping me launch my career were Oprah Winfrey and Rich Jones.”
Paul Carrick Brunson
Entrepreneur & TV Host
“If you’re looking for a highly engaging and genuine person to speak about the things that really matter in life, work with Rich. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”
Diania Merriam
Founder of the EconoMe Conference

Clients come to me to…

Oftentimes, people come to me stuck in a loop. They keep ending up in the same spot despite their best efforts. I help clients break the cycle(s) holding them back from achieving their goals and finding more freedom.

Some clients want to lose some weight, cut back on the beverages, get back into a sport, and/or show up better when it counts. That requires establishing new habits and shedding old ones. I support clients through the process.

Some come to me after they’ve had an inflection point or event that forces them to finally consider their health and wellness. They’re overwhelmed with everything they need to do. I help sequence, devise a plan of attack, and provide guidance where needed.

Folks coming to me are often past athletes and very goal-oriented. Whether it’s getting a promotion or getting across the finish line, I provide the accountability and structure to help clients achieve big goals.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching helps clients make healthy lifestyle changes through behavior modification and goal-setting.

A wellness coach provides clients a space to speak freely without judgment and decide their own path forward.

A good wellness coach will ask more questions and offer less opinions.

Think of your coach as a partner on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Domains of Wellness

The five domains of wellness according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine: 


  • Exercise, casual walks, chores, cycling, and other activities that aren’t formal or regimented.

Recovery & Regeneration

  • Quiet rest, stretching, breathing exercises, reading, massage, etc.


  • Consistent bed and waking time, staying asleep throughout the night, and quality sleep behaviors (sleep hygiene)


  • Primarily whole food diet, eating until full, drinking enough water, enjoying social dining, etc

Mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Stress management, cognitive clarity, and connections with others

What’s unique about me

  • 12+ years in human resources and 5+ years in personal finance media (punchline: I can talk career progression and money)
  • Understands working in tech
  • Active track and field athlete

In 2020, Rich quit alcohol after quietly struggling for years.

In 2021, he committed to getting back into track and field after 15+ years off. He also took a mental health leave from his day job and learned he’s lived with complex PTSD most of his life.

And in 2022, Rich took first place in his age group in the triple jump at the US Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships and became a Certified Wellness Coach (NASM-CWC).

His story is a remarkable example of what’s possible when you commit to doing the work and living in alignment.

He’s on a mission to help high achievers live healthier lives and break the cycles holding them back.

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