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Rich Jones (NASM-CWC), Founder

Virtual & In-Person Live Events

When tasked with finding a speaker, you want to identify someone that’ll make you look like a genius for booking them.

I’m not proclaiming to be a genius, but having me host a live podcast, facilitate an interactive discussion or deliver a custom tech-forward talk would make you look pretty good. Just saying.

To book me for some goodness, complete my speaker request form and I’ll get back to you quickfast…unless you’re trying to sell me something. In which case, I won’t.

About Me

I’m a Health & Performance coach for mid career professionals, national champion in masters track and field, and inspirational speaker.

I’m on a mission to help high achievers live healthier lives and break the cycles holding them back.

I leverages insights from 12+ years in human resources and 5+ years in personal finance media to connect the dots between work, money, life, and holistic health.

People who’ve heard me speak or listened to my podcast often comment on my vulnerability and candor in expressing what many of us think but don’t say.

Let’s discuss what I can bring to your company, organization, ERG, or special event. Please complete my speaker request form, and I’ll get back to you soon. Note: Pitches to appear on The Mental Wealth Show will be ignored.

rich jones speaking on discussion panel FinCon 2022

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