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Developing Relationships and Building Wealth for Your Family ft. Andy Hill – PB174

Andy Hill is a husband, father, and entrepreneur who founded Marriage, Kids, and Money, a blog and podcast that focuses on understanding family finance. A self-confessed money nerd, Andy started the podcast as a hobby then took it to the next level when he began getting feedback on how useful people were finding the information he shared.

On his podcast and blog, Andy delves into his family’s financial journey and covers topics such as paying off $50,000 of debt in under a year, and the steps they took to get mortgage free by the age of 35. Andy’s been featured as a personal finance expert on CNBC, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and NBC News.


Andy joins Rich on P&B to share why he and his wife decided to pay off their $50,000 debt before having children and buying a house and how they did it while still enjoying life.

He discusses his thoughts on the conversations you should have with your future spouse about your financial goals and how you can brainstorm ways to achieve them.

Andy also discusses how his hobby turned first into a side hustle, then into a full-time job and how he navigated that journey and worked to expand his network and provide genuine value in his relationships.

“Dive deep into an area that really interests you then focus on it and see what you can do to pay back in that community” – Andy Hill

In This Episode:

  • How Andy and his wife came up with saving strategies that ensure they enjoy today and invest in their future
  • The importance of determining collective goals and working out how you are going to achieve them
  • The financial impact of becoming an entrepreneur and how to prepare for it
  • How Andy’s business grew from a hobby
  • Why Andy was forced to change his routine during the quarantine
  • Advice for people looking for a new direction now that they have time on their hands
  • Why it’s important not to glorify the entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • What he misses from the 9-5 life and what he doesn’t
  • How to merge your day job and your side hustle
  • The role of workplace benefits in saving money and building wealth
  • Healthcare Saving Accounts (HSA) and how to select and invest in them
  • How to build authentic relationships online

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