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Malcolm Hodge is a 27-year-old self-confessed personal finance/supply chain/fitness/travel enthusiast gone savage. A native of Atlanta, GA, Malcolm currently lives in Seattle, WA where he works at Microsoft, leading global strategy for some of the most current devices in the tech space.

Malcolm’s passion is helping others build and sustain real wealth, which is why he founded The Dreamers Creative Foundation to support the next generation of millionaires.

His philosophy that everything you put into the universe will manifest itself is the commitment he makes to himself and everyone he supports through the foundation.

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Malcolm shares what inspired his interest in personal finance in the first place and dives into some of the milestones he’s achieved over the past two and a half years. He explains how he’s smashed his goals because of the mindset he has built from listening to guests on this podcast and others.

That mindset contributed to helping him crush over $90,000 of debt. Malcolm also explains why it’s important to him to make space to check in with his values every week to ensure he remains in alignment with his goals.

“You have to give yourself grace because things change; life events happen over time. But the things that are intrinsic to you, those things that are at your core, they will stand the test of time.” – Malcolm Hodge

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • The two pieces of advice that Malcolm’s first mentor gave him that changed his life
  • Malcolm’s philosophy of having a board of directors to support him, both professionally and personally, and how you can build a team of people who buy into who you are and what you want to accomplish
  • Some myths Malcolm has to dispel about the experience of working for Microsoft, how he got the job there and why he still holds onto a piece of paper that helps him reflect on what he has achieved so far in life
  • How Malcolm accumulated $90K of debt and how he built a three-year plan for attacking it
  • What the ‘vesting cycle’ is and Malcolm’s advice on how to leverage it to pay off your debt
  • The impetus that drove Malcolm to be so intentional about paying off his debt
  • Malcolm’s advice on whether you should focus on your credit score or net worth and why
  • Why Malcolm is an advocate of better financial advice in schools
  • The importance of gratitude and grace on your journey to financial freedom

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