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In this episode, we welcome back Elle Martinez to the podcast. Elle helps families at Couple Money achieve financial freedom by sharing tips for reducing debt, increase income, and building net worth. You’ll hear her explain why she created the Simplify and Enjoy website and podcast to help others discover the options and time to do more for the people and projects they love.

Elle also shares her insights on creating a path to financial independence that is flexible and fun! And we discuss how to initiate a conversation with your spouse about setting new financial goals or trying new projects.

“Defining your why and really nailing down what your priorities are, I think that gets brushed aside so quickly. And that is so important.”  – Elle Martinez


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She shares why it’s important to have a medium to long-term vision for your financial future and why finding the right pace and path to your financial independence is the key to a successful journey. We also talk about why simplifying how you think about experimenting with a new project avoids mental overwhelm and allows you to get in the mindset of iterating.

“I think there is a parallel with finances — people avoid the conversation because it’s ‘the talk’, … And I’m like, don’t make it ‘the talk,’ that’s when you failed. Just make it a conversation. And focus on getting comfortable with sharing your goals or ideas for potential goals.” – Elle Martinez

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