The Intersection of Work and Money ft. Dorianne St Fleur – PB182

Dorianne St Fleur founded Your Career Girl to create a safe space for upwardly mobile, professional women of color to get honest, open, and transparent career support and guidance.

She’s a high-performance coach and visibility strategist who primarily works with high-achieving ambitious Black women who want to get clear on what possibilities exist in their career.

Dorianne shares her experience working both in consulting and in corporate America during her career, including leadership roles at Google.

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We also discuss how she managed to juggle her full-time job while developing Your Career Girl and finding a balance and flexibility in her career.

And most importantly, Dorianne emphasizes knowing your worth, knowing your value, and asking the tough questions in order to achieve your career goals.

“Success is inevitable – the only variable is time. We will all be successful If we get clear on what we want and we are consistent in making it happen.” – Dorianne St Fleur

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • Why Dorianne believes you can have it all as a woman in business, just not all at the same time.
  • Why negotiation is a critical skill, some of the areas where people miss out on the opportunity to negotiate, and how not to leave cash or benefits on the table.
  • How to avoid guilt and focus on self-care, and how women can create space to prioritize their mental health and well being without dropping any career balls.
  • Dorianne’s philosophy on avoiding mediocrity and striving for excellence.
  • Her rule of thumb when asking for a raise.

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