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Investing for Your Freedom ft. Teri Ijeoma – PB178

In this episode, we welcome Teri Ijeoma. Best known for making $1000 in a day, Teri is the founder of Trade and Travel, a robust personal finance community with access to expert resources to expedite learning.

She teaches people from around the world how to supplement their income through day trading to build a lifestyle they design for themselves.

Teri and Rich talk about the behind-the-scenes work and long hours that go into building an 8 figure business. It’s not all glitz and glamour!

Teri shares the career path that ultimately led her to start day trading, her struggle with imposter syndrome, why money is only part of the happiness equation, being protective of your time, the importance of self-care in 2020, and why Teri believes in giving back to her community.

“Doing things for free is actually a form of self-hate.” – Teri Ijeoma

This week:

  • How going through high school with a single mother motivated Teri to become wildly successful
  • Why Teri’s school field trip to the Chicago Stock Exchange changed her life
  • Teri’s experience interning at Morgan Stanley
  • How Teri lost money for the first 6 years of trading but kept pushing forward
  • Struggling with imposter syndrome
  • The importance of accepting where you’re at and celebrating how far you’ve come
  • The blessing and curse of being a “high achiever”
  • How to guard your time and influence
  • Teri’s process for giving back to the community

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