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Damona Hoffman is a certified dating coach, radio host, and TV personality who starred in the TV series #BlackLove and A Question of Love on FYI TV; a former TV casting director and executive, she has been showing singles how to harness the power of technology to find love for over a decade.

She hosts the popular Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman Radio Show & Podcast and is the Love Expert for BET.com. Damona is a sought-after speaker who inspires with talks on various topics, including Modern Dating Dilemmas, Personal Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Interracial/Interfaith Dating, Dating Safety, and Succeeding in Hollywood.

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Damona joins Rich to share the importance of the magic space of not knowing what will happen in the future but being open to possibilities that may unfold later, on their own timeline, and why you can’t force some things.

She gives us the low down on her previous background in TV and why she left her prestigious job as a casting director at NBC to become an entrepreneur, then how her side hustle writing dating profiles turned into a full-time gig she was able to combine with a fulfilling family life. Damona also gives us a lesson in asking for what you’re worth, not down valuing yourself as a woman in business, and how to understand, ask for and expect your true value.

“Time is finite, and every choice you make to do something is giving up something else. Really look at how you’re spending your time – are you spending it in a way that makes you happy?” – Damona Hoffman

In This Episode:

  • What Damona sacrificed to climb the corporate ladder without breaching her very firm boundaries
  • Tips on what entrepreneurs can do to help approach negotiation
  • How you can find advocates by working on building great relationships and rapport with other people in your industry
  • Where Damona’s firm grasp of boundaries comes from and why she takes her mental health so seriously
  • The times when Damona’s boundaries have created a negative impact or conflicts in her life
  • The breaking point moment that impelled her to become an entrepreneur and how Oprah was involved!
  • The benefits of working with a life coach and how the experience clarified how Damona could have a life and a career and be happy and fulfilled
  • Why she enjoys hosting tv shows and decided to pursue opportunities that arose in that arena despite her initial misgivings
  • The financial element of Damona’s decision to become an entrepreneur and how she manages her finances to pursue her dreams, and the importance of making time to have regular meetings with her financial advisor
  • The pieces of content Damona is most proud of and how she uses all her past professional experience to showcase her skills

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