Money Updates and Lessons Learned – PB 184

Rich is solo on the mic in this episode with several updates, including progress on his side hustle goal of generating 60k in revenue.

Rich also is touching on his 8th month of sobriety, the mental health issues that come with 1 year of lockdown, the latest P&B updates, and the launch of his YouTube channel.

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Words mean things. What you say to someone may seem inconsequential at the time, but words do mean things, and not everyone is able to take those negative things and turn them into positive things. – Rich

In This Episode:

  • The results of consistency and on-going efforts in the business finally paying off
  • Remaining authentic throughout the entrepreneurship journey
  • Giving yourself the tools to handle roadblocks in life and business
  • Using negativity to fuel yourself
  • Progress on his goal of 60k in side hustle revenue
  • Creating authentic partnerships in your business
  • Diversifying your income streams, so no one thing can have a significant impact on your revenue
  • Why Rich is putting a stop to unnecessary spending

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