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Stock trading has become very popular recently because of its potential returns. In fact, some people say it’s the new way of investing.

If you’ve heard about stock trading before but don’t really know much about it, then learning more is essential before you start investing because it has its risks.

A quick way for investors to increase their chances of stock market success is through learning from experts who’ve already mastered the art of power trading.

One such expert is previous podcast guest Jason Brown of The Brown Report and Power Trades University, who uses his 18+ years of stock market experience to teach others how to make money trading stocks.

Who is Jason Brown?

After earning a degree in finance, Jason Brown started working the corporate life, eventually climbing the ladder to hedge fund manager.

All the while, he was creating strategies to build wealth in the stock market, no matter the market conditions. After mastering his “power trading” approach, he was able to leave his corporate job and become an investor advocate.

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Jason’s been featured on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Bloomberg, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Financial Times, Marketwatch, Barron’s, and many other publications, news outlets, and podcasts helping others understand trading and the stock market.

His unique approach to trading stocks is not based solely on technical analysis but rather on his own set of rules, known as “The Brown Rules.” Jason believes that if you follow these rules, you can beat the market by up to 50% per year.

Jason believes anyone can learn to trade successfully and create wealth with the proper training, discipline, and money mindset.

One of his philosophies centers on learning to master one’s “trading psychology” by using basic principles to help you gain control over your emotions when investing.

Becoming a power trader means:

“Finding the RIGHT trades, at the RIGHT time, with ENOUGH time for them to do what you want to do.

So when you are in a winning trade, you win BIG.

You don’t need a ton of trades and be in and out all the time – you just need a few big ones, with the right strategies to capitalize on the ones you win, and the strategies to protect and minimize loss on the ones that don’t go your way.”

~ Jason Brown

Learn more about Jason by listening to our podcast episode with him: Mental Wealth, Mindset and Masterminds ft. Jason Brown – TMWS04

What is Power Trades University?

Jason Brown founded PowerTradesUniversity.com in 2009 to teach people how to profit in the stock market.

It offers free guides and lessons, beginner and advanced courses, and membership programs for every level of investor, to help you learn how to use the stock market and trade for consistent profits.

PTU also hosts a community of like-minded individuals that share ideas and tips to help each other learn and succeed as well.


PTU Course offerings include:

  • The Beginners Basics Course (Free for a limited time – $297 value!) – 3 Modules focused on the education you need to get started in the stock market. Bonuses include:
    • 2022 Financial Goal Planning Workshop Replay
    • Financial Game Plan PDF download
    • Your own profile inside of Power Trades University
  • The Foundations of Stock Trading Course – Primary course material includes 4 modules to help you build a solid foundation and gain the confidence to trade for profit in the stock market. Bonuses Include:
    • Intro to Options Training video
    • Trading Checklist and Financial Spreadsheet
    • Community of Fellow Traders
    • 7 Module Course on Opening a Trading Account
  • The Options Explained Course – In this 6 module course, you’ll learn to take trading to the next level by leveraging your account for greater gains with stock options. Bonuses include:
    • Option Rules & Profit/Loss Guide and Cheat Sheet
    • 2 Module Course on Advanced Put Strategies
    • Option Formulas
    • 5 Module Course on Option Greeks (Beta, Theta, Delta…)
  • The Advanced Options Course – With these 8 modules, you can learn to master advanced strategies to build greater long-term wealth. Included bonuses:
    • Advanced Options Strategy Cheat Sheet and Option Rules & Profit/Loss Guide
    • Live members only Q&A session
  • Master Classes – 5 Master Classes to teach you how to read and understand stock charts in order to make your money work for you and build wealth in the stock market. Bonus custom spreadsheets and live Q&A sessions with Jason Brown included. Learn to:
    • Analyze Bullish and Bearish Charts
    • Manage Risk in Any Market Condition
    • Identify the Best Chart Indicators and When to Use Them
    • Understand High-level Indicators such as MACD, Moving Averages, and many more
    • Use the Bollinger Band (and when not to) in Your Trades
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Memberships & Coaching

While you can mix and match any of the stand alone courses mentioned above you might also consider becoming a PTU member.

With 4 free and paid membership programs available, all investor levels (beginner, starter, pro, and master) are represented.

Members can gain access to courses, a community of traders, and coaching, all within one stellar platform.

Create A Free Account at Power Trades University today and start gaining on your journey to financial freedom.

Access numerous hours of video tutorials and educational webinars, downloadable starter packs, guides, tools and resources, podcast episodes, and more.

Even after 18 years of trading, my passion for the stock market has not waned. It’s the fire behind starting The Brown Report and stock market education. ~ Jason Brown

Increase your chances of investing success by learning from an expert and becoming a Power Trader too.

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