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Vulnerability Required ft. Julien & Kiersten Saunders of Rich & Regular – PB194

Kiersten and Julien Saunders of Rich and Regular are on a mission to inspire better conversations about money. Kiersten describes herself as a recovering perfectionist who spent her 20s climbing the Corporate Ladder.

Although she was outwardly successful, she was in debt with no financial plans for retirement. When her husband Julien told her about the financial independence movement, she was initially skeptical but came around and, a  few years later, was able to quit her full-time job at 35.

Julien Saunders has a degree in Culinary Arts, a BBA in business/Hospitality Administration, and an MBA in Marketing. His career has ranged from preparing fine dining meals, project management, distribution, and brand marketing, white he built a real estate portfolio on the side.

Julien now spends his time growing the couple’s online business, exploring other entrepreneurial ventures in emerging industries, and inspiring the Black community to build generational wealth.

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Kiersten and Julien are back on the show to share why they started their blog Rich and Regular, documenting their journey to financial independence and offering their perspective on that journey through a black lens.

“By opening up to what we’re experiencing along the way, without, delivering a lesson every time or teaching you something concrete, or being super conclusive, we’re able to have a two-way relationship with our audience and remain inclusive because we’re turned on to other people’s challenges.” – Kiersten Saunders

The couple also discusses why they are so open about their personal journey and experiences and dealing with some of the more significant societal and workplace issues that prevent people from becoming financially independent.

‘’A lot of personal finance content has great intentions. It just isn’t effective at actually motivating people to make changes or improve their lives; it’s too easy to ignore — so what we’re doing is saying, “No, you can’t ignore this because you see your struggle in my struggle.”  – Julien Saunders

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