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What are You Really Pursuing?

Do you ever find yourself getting what you want, yet still not feeling happy or free?

In his talk at the EconoMe Conference in November 2021, Rich shares a bit of his experience chasing happiness and freedom and what it took to realize his real needs and wants to achieve the professional success he enjoys today. And how you can do the same.

“If you really want freedom…strengthen your core.”

Rich Jones

Rich Jones: The Pursuit of Professional Happiness

Do you think professional success will lead to happiness and financial independence? In this raw and insightful talk, Rich Jones shares how he’s navigated his career, achieved all his professional goals, and landed his dream job at Google. But he also helps us understand why no dollar amount, job title, or promotion is going to bring us the happiness and freedom we seek (and what can be done about that). ~ EconoMe

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