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5 Best Career Episodes from the Paychecks & Balances Podcast

Are you looking for some inspiration to find your dream career, negotiate a job offer, or start your own business?

Or, are you just interested in hearing about what other people have done with their lives?

If any of the above (and more), the Paychecks & Balances podcast is perfect for you!

We have episodes to help you level up your career, whether you’re changing jobs, climbing the corporate ladder at your current employer, or plotting your escape to be your own boss.

5 podcast episodes to inspire your work life

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Here are a handful of the best work-related episodes we aired in 2020-2021. Grab your earbuds and have a listen for an abundance of gems to get you pumped to meet your work goals in the new year.

1. Doing The Work ft. Chris Colbert – PB 200

Chris discusses his experience of climbing the corporate ladder and how he saw his progress as a way to raise others from minority groups with him, by ensuring they too had opportunities. Chris also shares why he was moved to start DCP Entertainment.

2. The Intersection of Work and Money ft. Dorianne St Fleur – PB182

Dorianne shares her career experience working both in consulting and in corporate America. Rich also discusses with her how she managed to juggle her full-time job while developing Your Career Girl and finding a balance and flexibility in her career.

And most importantly, Dorianne emphasizes knowing your worth, knowing your value, and asking the tough questions in order to achieve your career goals.

3. That’s Not Your Problem and Know Your Worth ft. Crystal V. Thomas – PB176

Crystal, a long time friend of Rich’s, discusses with him the importance of using your network to help you make a career change, having an abundance mindset with your friends, family, and money, the correct way to negotiate a job offer, why you have to be intentional with how you want to create your life’s story, and much more.

4. Finding Joy and Career Moves During a Crisis ft. Tiffany Southerland of the How Does She Do It Podcast – PB159

Rich and Tiff discuss the importance of your LinkedIn profile, planting networking seeds, creating a morning routine and workspace in your home, the do’s and don’ts of remote interviews, and how not to lowball yourself if you get a job offer.

5. Career Rehab ft. Kanika Tolver – PB151

In this episode, we sit down with Kanika and discuss her baby steps into entrepreneurship as a resume writer, what it’s like working for the Federal Government, the power of LinkedIn, building a professional network, and how thinking of yourself as a brand will get you more opportunities in life.

Explore more episodes to ignite your work, money, and life, and check out LinkedIn Learning to up your skills.


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