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Happily married for 13 years, Reshawn and Robert of Learn, Hustle, Grow are in search of a more balanced life, prioritizing their financial independence. They’re real estate investors who also invest in the stock market. They have no consumer debt and have paid off their mortgage after getting serious about their money.

Reshawn and Robert are now debt-free empty nesters living their best life and working towards financial freedom to have more control over their time.

The Lee’s join Rich on the Paychecks and Balances podcast to share the process of trying to organize their combine their finances and figure out their steps toward financial independence when they first got married.

They explore some of the lessons that other folks can apply to their money discussions and talk about why there is often one person in the relationship who has to pull the other person along a little bit in terms of financial accountability.


“When it comes to finances, we both grew up poor, but we both took very different perspectives on what that looked like as we got older.” – Reshawn Lee

“What do you expect? Everybody needs to know what the other person expects [financially].”  – Robert Lee

Rob and Reshawn also share why they decided to further their financial education and complete Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and how it helped kick off their new lifestyle.


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