Protect Your Mental Health ft. Zach Nunn – PB175 (Part 1)

Zach Nunn is a husband, father, and entrepreneur who founded Living Corporate, an online media company on a mission to empower black voices. Zach is also a manager at Price Waterhouse Cooper, where he leads multi-disciplinary teams that provide execution support to tech clients, energy clients, and healthcare clients.

Zach’s an organizational change management leader with a background in Human Resources and a demonstrated history of working across various industries. Skilled in Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Strategic Communications, Business Process Improvement, Succession Planning, and Organizational Development.

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Zach joins me to discuss his vision for Living Corporate and why he started creating content that aims to push black voices into the forefront.

We also touch on staying on top of your mental health in quarantine and in the midst of the upcoming presidential election, the importance of building a strong team within your business or side hustle, how the universe algins when you find your purpose, and how corporate leaders need to start taking things seriously when it comes to hiring racially diverse candidates.

“If you try to build something soley based on you on and your personality, it’s hard to then mobilize teams around it, because you’re being very clear that this is about you.” – Zach Nunn

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • How being the second college graduate in his family motivated Zach to perform at a high level
  • How Zach has struggled to navigate the corporate world as a black man
  • What life is like as a new father
  • Tips for juggling the day gig with a side hustle
  • Why you need to build a great team when starting a business
  • How aligning your life’s mission to your actions starts to open up doors
  • The importance of self-care practices
  • How to break cycles of past trauma
  • Best practices for hiring racially diverse candidates

Connect with Zach Nunn:

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