Playing the Game at Work ft. Zach Nunn – PB185

In episode 185, I’m welcoming back Zach Nunn to the podcast. Zach was previously on episode 175. We’re rehashing some things we previously talked about, most importantly, mental health AND Rich’s new role at his current company.

Zach is the founder of  Living Corporate, an online media company on a mission to empower black voices. Zach’s also a consultant at Price Waterhouse Cooper, where he leads multi-disciplinary teams which provide execution support to tech clients, energy clients, and healthcare clients.

In this episode, we’re talking about fatherhood, getting your priorities straight, the current happenings with Living Corporate, how to play “the game” at your job, and tips for staying authentic in a world and culture that already has their mind made up about you because of the color of your skin.

“You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself, all the time, but certainly in this season. I’ve yet to see anyone regret it.”– Zach Nunn

Episode Highlights:

  • Rich’s thoughts on starting a family
  • Dealing with the anxiety of repeating and not repeating old partners and learned behavior
  • The importance of therapy
  • Rich’s new role at Google in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space
  • Being interviewed for the first time by a black person
  • “Code Switching” at work and “playing the game”
  • Dress codes and being allowed to be authentic at work
  • Investing in yourself through therapy, health, online courses, classes, coaching etc…

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