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The Best of Paychecks and Balances 2021

Paychecks and Balances helps working professionals make money, save money, get out of debt, and enjoy life along the way.

This year we had some amazing guests on the podcast, published some great articles on the blog, redesigned the website, and announced The Mental Wealth Show!

Here’s a look at our most popular podcast episodes and life, work, and personal finance blog content for 2021.

Best Paychecks & Balances Episodes and Blogs of 2021

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10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of 2021

  1. Freedom Based Banking ft Ryan Clark of Qube Money – PB181 – “Everything that you want to do in life stems from how you control the resources that you’re given – and money is a resource. It builds a financial house, and cash flow is the foundation.” – Ryan Clark
  2. Giving Yourself Financial Grace ft Malcolm Hodge – PB183 – “You have to give yourself grace because things change; life events happen over time. But the things that are intrinsic to you, those things that are at your core, they will stand the test of time.” – Malcolm Hodge
  3. Money Updates & Lessons Learned – PB184 – “Words mean things. What you say to someone may seem inconsequential at the time, but words do mean things, and not everyone is able to take those negative things and turn them into positive things.” – Rich
  4. How To Simplify and Enjoy ft Elle Martinez – PB197 – “Defining your why and really nailing down what your priorities are, I think that gets brushed aside so quickly. And that is so important.” – Elle Martinez
  5. The Intersection of Work and Money ft. Dorianne St Fleur – PB182 – “Success is inevitable – the only variable is time. We will all be successful If we get clear on what we want and we are consistent in making it happen.” – Dorianne St Fleur
  6. Work Your Money, Not Your Life ft. Roger Ma – PB192 – “There is no such thing as a dream job … you can work in a job that funds your expenses, and at the same time, you can pursue things outside of that job to satisfy some of those needs that aren’t being satisfied in your job.” – Roger Ma
  7. Playing the Game at Work (plus a big announcement) ft. Zach Nunn of Living Corporate – PB185 – “You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself, all the time, but certainly in this season. I’ve yet to see anyone regret it.”– Zach Nunn
  8. Financial Flexibility ft. Diania Merriam – PB195 – “‘People talk about having financial bandwidth to deal with the obstacles life throws at you, but life throws you just as many opportunities as it does obstacles.” – Diania Merriam
  9. The Pillars of Wealth ft. Patrice Washington – PB186 – “Sometimes we need public accountability, we need to say things out loud, and just call a thing, a thing, put a name to it, so that we can really get the support and the love — oftentimes when we tell our stories, it is the very permission that someone else needs to tell their story or to own some part of their narrative, their truth, and not allow it to be weaponized.” – Patrice Washington
  10. Keep That Same Energy ft. Steven M. Hughes – PB 187 – “Practice makes progress, progress beats perfection”- Steven M. Hughes

10 Most Read Blogs of 2021

  1. How to Build Generational Wealth – What sustains wealth across generations are these life choices you can make today that will pay dividends decades later.
  2. 5 Advanced Personal Finance Resources – These money resources – including free online calculators and other financial tools – can help you make next level decisions.
  3. 5 Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Joy – The way to save money without losing joy is to make it work for your lifestyle. Try these 5 tips to increase your savings and keep enjoying!
  4. What Does Frugal Living Mean? – It may be challenging at first, but living frugally can ultimately help give you more control over your finances, your mindset, and your life.
  5. Estate Planning for Millennials. [Yes, you need a plan.] – Failing to create an estate plan can leave you – and your loved ones – without protection, control, or a voice in life and death matters.
  6. Personal Finance Books for Young Adults on Your Gift List – Money and time are precious, so young adults need to read good personal finance books as early as possible (the earlier, the better!).
  7. Nine to Five to FI – Despite what you may have heard, there are several ways to reach financial independence, and quitting your day job isn’t a prerequisite.
  8. 6 Powerful Habits to Build in the New Year – Instead of thinking in terms of New Years Resolutions, create these powerful habits to propel you forward into the best version of yourself.
  9. Track Your Spending, Improve Your Finances – Tracking what you spend identifies where your hard earned money goes. Which helps you notice overspending patterns, where you can save, and more.
  10. Tie – Break the Cycle, 7 Tips to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol – There are many great reasons to stop drinking and many ways to achieve sobriety or a healthier relationship with alcohol, these tips can help.
  11. Tie – How to Get Started as a New Investor – It’s so important to build wealth for your future. Here’s how to start investing so you’ll have money to spend when you’re no longer working.

Big thanks to you our readers and listeners for turning to the us to help you in pursuit of your goals and freedom, and to our guests and writers for sharing their expertise and stories.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2022!

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